Amprobe DM-III Multi-test F

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Amprobe’s full-featured Three-Phase Power Quality Recorders provide the essential functions and capabilities required to operate accurately and effectively in today’s demanding electrical environments.


Amprobe DM-III Multi-test F measures and records a broad spectrum of power quality parameters with True-RMS accuracy and is compatible with a wide range of current transducers. Cut energy costs and improve operating efficiency with Amprobe’s full-featured DM-III Multi-test F, a three-phase power quality recorder that provides the essential functions and capabilities required to operate accurately and effectively in today’s demanding electrical environments. This full-blown power quality recorder also measures ground resistance, tests insulation of wires, cables transformers and electrical motors. Amprobe DM-III Multi-test F Features:
– Measures and records broad spectrum of power quality parameters: AC current, AC voltage to 600V including sags and surges, Harmonics (THD and individual up to 49th), active, reactive and apparent power & energy, peak demand, power factor, frequency measure
– Compatible with wide range of current transducers
– Comes as a complete kit: current transducers, voltage leads, ground probes & leads, PC software and download cable are included with this product.
– Works with single and three phase systems (Y and Delta)
– Detects and records voltage anomalies, sags and surges
– Built in scope displays waveforms
– Phase sequence indication
– Records up to 64 parameters (single or three phase) simultaneously
– Manual and programmable recording start
– Password protection
– Selectable fundamental frequency of 50 or 60 Hz
– Special data compression system and user selectable rates allow recording from several hours to several years
– Download capabilities, Windows compatible PC software
– Displacement power factor for power factor correction determination
– Line or battery powered
– Megohmmeter functions: tests insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors
– Selectable test voltages up to 1000V
– Programmable timer to perform the dielectric absorption ratio test
– Sensitive Ohmmeter for checking resistance of motor windings
– Selectable polarization of ohmmeter for checking grounding continuity
– Automatic voltmeter protects against misuse on hazardous energized systems

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